Friday, August 27, 2010

This week I will be hosting Princess Camp at Parteaz located 1860 Springfield Ave, Maplewood.
Princess Camp is the most magical and creative camp the area has to offer!! I know because I created the games and crafts!! I’ve been busy making a wishing well, and coming up with “princess –like” crafts. I have to say... this was the most girlie -crafting i’ve done in a while.
For the past week, I’ve been up to my ears in pink tool. I’ve cut 25 tiny, tiny little crowns out of gold sequin pleather and crocheted little pink circles . My hands haven’t stopped cutting or gluing for days!
One of the crafts is called “Princess Portrait”
The kids will make a collage with various materials.
You will need felt, ribbon, beads, yarn, lace and markers, pre-cut matte and matching backing
The face and neck, pre-cut felt so that it looks like a head and shoulders. Glue on to paper
Pre cut any “princess colour” felt into a rectangle with the width and length to cover from her neck to the bottom of the paper. Cut out a scoop for around her neck.. Glue on.
String a few beads onto the ribbon. Punch holes around her neck so you can tie the ribbon behind the picture.
Cut lace to the width of the felt. (Add as much as you like)and glue on top of the felt dress.
Cut yarn for hair and glue on. Draw on face
And the final touch- glue on crown
With a hot glue gun- glue matte, picture to backing.
If you get a chance to make this craft- send me a note with a picture!!
If you would like to attend Princess Camp:

Parteaz Camp
@ Parteaz NEW location!
1860 Springfield Ave.

PRINCESS CAMP-August 30th til Sept. 3rd
Attend for a whole week or just a day or two
A little make believe everyday!
Dress - up, tea parties, crafts , manners & FUN!
Bring your lunch! We provide the "tea"!
$150/ week
$35 a day
Ages 3 with caregiver
Ages 4-6 Drop-off

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