Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paper Lanterns

I love these simple, and colorful paper lanterns. The glitter and unique shapes make these lanterns fun for any playroom or porch!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cleaning to Painting WEEN

This Huge canvas was screaming my name this weekend! I've been putting off painting something so big because there is no room in this tiny apartment. I had a good clean out of my studio- made room for the giant easel. I found tons of old paint,and some really hard brushes in the back of a drawer. The canvas was an old "dud"(a painting that didn't work out so well). A perfect mix!! So began... moving things, setting up, getting water,towels, beer, just the right album for the needle,lighting,then...I took a seat.

I didn't know what to paint, so i started with the color and let the music move me.
Music of choice was Chocolate and Cheese by WEEN. Since i was listing to an LP- every few songs i had to get up and flip the record. It broke my concentration every time, so the painting has a few different lives in it.

At the end of the weekend I had a beautiful base for a painting.
Looking forward to it's next layers!