Sunday, October 24, 2010

KISS Costumes -part 4-Gene and Paul

This is a total BLAST! I've been working on 2 costumes today-Gene Simmons for the 3year old girl, and Paul Stanley for the 11 year old girl.
The hardest part of making these costumes has been pulling myself away from the sewing machine to eat!

Friday, October 8, 2010

KISS Costumes part 3ish

I met the family last night to go over the costume sketches-
I think they were just as excited as I was!
My older brothers dressed up like KISS for Halloween (back in the late 70's) my Aunt painted their faces to perfection! I hope i can do the same!-

Here is a list of all the sparkly stuff i ordered!

Marine Vinyl Silver

Rhinestone & Metal Diamond Iron-On Trim Black 1''

Hologram Sparkle Sequin Trim Silver

Sequin Vinyl Fabric Steel

Vinyl Black

3/4'' Stretch Sequin Trim Silver

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

KISS costumes Part 2

well..Ive noted that i need at least 1,000 sequins, bedazzles, and rhinestones for one costume. ...I'm in the land of glitz and glimmer!! I can't wait to order sequins!!!!

Creating a Kiss Costume....( long blog event)

The challenge came in about an hour ago. Create a KISS costume for a family of 4.
3 year old girl-Gene Simmons
8 year old boy-Peter Criss
11 year old girl-Paul Stanley

I've never been so excited about a costume before!
so far I have costume ideas, and i'm about to start gathering my materials.