Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Sew Crafty to open...

I'm proud to announce It's Sew Crafty enrollment is now open!!!
 Sign up today for June, July and August classes in our new home on Springfield Ave!!!!!!!    
It's SEW Crafty is a new and exciting way to teach kids how to make sewing crafts! Almost all of the crafts are original ideas by our Crafty Staff!!!

We have a variety  of crafts for kids ages 3 and up! 

It's SEW Crafty provides  adorable bright, colorful sewing machines. The machines are simple and easy to use! All materials provided except the recycle classes. Recycling classes kids will  need to bring in clothes to recycle into something new!

We know how hard it is to learn to sew, the Crafty Staff pride ourselves on our patience and teaching of our crafts. We believe that it doesn't matter how you get long as you get there. We encourage the kids to take a break when the get frustrated or overwhelmed. Learning to sew can be a challenge for anyone, but with the right encouragement and a creative environment anyone can learn