Friday, August 14, 2009

Its Friday...that means Friday Finds at my Etsy store. Only thing's FRIDAY FRENZY! i slashed all the prices in my shop to $20! 
I added new collages to the store! and i'm getting ready to change the look for the store as well.

i'm trying to make a Crafty Katie website ....ok..not the easiest thing to do. ...i wish i knew website lingo...that would make it so much easier. but i take one step at a time...and go at my own pace...i want to be able to do it for myself, so that if something happens i can fix it myself!...

i'm setting up local craft shows for the SOMA Artisan's Guild...i believe the first show will be mid September. I'm always on the hunt for new venues and new and cheap ways to market the group (and myself) :)

I'm working on streching the canvas for the family of robots that are due in a few weeks.

i have started 2 new collages one for dog lovers, and another for the cat lovers out stay tuned!

Oh and i almost forgot...starting Wednesday...... i'll be having WEEN Wednesday! WEEN inspired art for sale..a new piece each week

Crafty Katie

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